I AM | New

Hi everyone! It has been a while. Like 2 years of inactivity here on my blog. I would make a lot of changes as things are getting exciting on my side (and yes, I’m happy to share it to the world). After reviewing my blog here in Worpdress, I decided to remove my portfolio on this site and instead to focus more on stories, features, & projects. Things that maybe informative or educational for everyone. I would like to use photography to be my words on sharing my adventures. Spill out my thoughts on new equipment and stuff out in the market. And so many more! This re-route will affect my blog in either positive or negative response. But I’ll see when I release the new features here in fritzasuro.wordpress.com. I hope you guys are excited as I am.

For now, the blog is online but almost nothing to view in it. Will keep everyone posted! Cheers!

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